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The EC has already received the funds for purchasing

 Feedback was also taken from political parties about the proposed hackathon, where representatives from political parties would be invited to hack the EVMs and prove that they can be tampered with. Further, Zaidi assured all those present at the meeting that all future elections will be conducted using Voter-Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) machines.At the all-party meeting that was called today by the Election Commission to clear doubts related to EVM <a href="">computerized embroidery machines Factory</a> tampering, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Nasim Zaidi said that the EC does not favor any specific party. This acts as evidence that the voting machine has not been tampered with. This was part of his opening statement at the all-party meeting. These machines dispense a paper slip that has the name of the candidate/party for which the voter has cast their vote..The all-party meeting was attended by 7 national parties and 35 state-recognized parties. He also said that the EC will soon provide a platform to political parties to prove that EVMs were tampered with in the recent elections. Apart from EVMs, other issues were also discussed such as corporate funding during elections. The EC has already received the funds for purchasing the VVPATs and they will be used from 2019 onwards


The new feed experience is currently available

 The update will be rolled out internationally in the next couple of weeks.San Francisco, July 20 (IANS) Aiming to deliver relevant search results for mobile users, Google has rolled out Google Feed, a Facebook News Feed kind of experience for its users.The new feed experience is currently available in the Google app for Android (including the Pixel Launcher) and iOS users in the US. The more you use Google, the better your feed will be, Thakur wrote.Not only the feed will continue to grow and evolve, <a href="">high speed flat embroidery machines Manufacturers</a> a user can can use a new Follow button next to certain types of search results-including movies, sports teams, favourite bands or music artists, famous people, etc to get updates and stories about that topic in the feed


The Election Commission will organize the EVM

The NCP and CPI (M) have nominated three representatives each.However, when the poll body invited all parties to participate in the challenge, the AAP and Congress raising some issue with the existing framework of challenge, decided not to take part.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) has said, it will not try to hack EVM during the challenge, but will suggest precautionary measures to ensure transparent polls.The Election Commission will organize the EVM challenge in New Delhi today where political parties will try to prove that the machines can be rigged.But, the Aam Admi Party has planned to organize its own EVM <a href="">computerized embroidery machines Wholesalers</a> challenge today to show that EVMs can be tampered.

The challenge will begin at 10 AM and end at 2 PM and the challengers will get four hours each to tamper with the EVM machines.The Commission has pulled out 14 Electronic Voting Machines for the challenge from its strong rooms in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Uttarakhand where assembly polls were held recently


Even the Congress staged protest

Mayawati first walked out of the chamber before formally announcing her decision to resign.No community is safe in UP, but the condition of the Dalits is worse, she added.Mayawati further said that the BJP formed its government in Uttar Pradesh after distorting the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM).After saying so, she walked out of the House.

Let me speak or I will resign, Mayawati had said.Since the time the BJP has come to power, there has been exploitation of the Dalits, poor, minority, and backward castes, she said.Mayawati further said that she has come as speaking as the voice of the suppressed.Both, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha have been adjourned.Huge drama was witnessed in the Rajya Sabha on Tuesday <a href="">computerized embroidery machines Factory</a> when Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati resigned from the Upper House after accusing the chair of not allowing her to speak on issues related to Dalits.

Mayawati hit out at the government for not doing enough to stop atrocities against Dalits and other backward and deprived classes.Even the Congress staged protest in the well regarding the law and order situation in the state.The Dalits were suppressed in Saharanpur but the government did not do anything about it, she said


The Rajasthan Chief Minister took almost a month to condemn

These programmes are being run to malign the government It is important to find out who is behind these attacks.Rijiju said the issue was raked up for debate only to target the Modi governments image whose popularity, he added, was increasing not only in the country but outside too. This government is against Dalits, minorities and women. The Rajasthan Chief Minister took almost a month to condemn the lynching in Alwar, Roy said. It took three day for the Haryana Chief Minister to condemn the incident in Bahadurgarh. Three years back corruption was a big issue but this has vanished from the political sphere due to the Prime Ministers stand against it. New Delhi, July 31 (IANS) An aggressive opposition on Monday accused the Modi government of encouraging cow vigilantes to go for mob lynchings but the Centre argued that law and order needed to be tackled by states. So they come up with such issues and walk out of the House, he said.Initiating the debate, Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge said: Hindustan should not become lynchistan.Biju Janata Dal leader Tathagata Satpathy said the lynchings were killing the rural economy.Not satisfied with his response, the Congress, Left, Samajwadi Party and AIMIM members walked out. Do you want the Centre to send the Army to control goons? Even if a law is passed, it will be implemented by the state governments, said the Lok Janshakti Party leader. Sometimes they organise protests like Not in my name. 86 per cent (of the victims) were Muslims.The Minister said the opposition was trying to gain political mileage over the killings China coiling embroidery machines Manufacturers across the country blamed on cow vigilantes.


The performances are so minutely non-bravura

Strain hard to listen.Comparisons are not called-for. This is not an easy story to tell or for us to comprehend. There are smirks galore, though.Watch out for Rajesh Shringapure as Gawlis accomplice Rama and Farhan Akhtar playing Dawood as so cool, you may confuse the jungle for the greenery. Director Ashim Ahluwalia gives the actor no room to stretch out his characters inner world. If there are five characters on screen, each one is doing something that will drive the plot forward. Rani tells part of Gawlis stories. The two sagas of Wholesale tuft embroidery machines Robin Hoods with furious FIRs on their wanted heads, bear many similarities.Not this time. The performances are so minutely non-bravura that the characters are so into their world of self-destruction that we are left looking in without ever being allowed to be part of the design of doom. And most of all, for Arjun Rampals powerful performance that creeps up on us without warning. Fleeting looks and fugitive gestures add up to making Rampals Gawli one of the most comprehensive projections of guilty gangsterism in recent times. The problem here is there are so many characters colonizing Gawlis perverse kingdom played by actors who dont act, and the unsparing editing (Deepa Bhatia, Navnita Sen Dutta) that wont let the audience breathe in the toxic fumes of fury for long. Cannily, the director builds the quirks around killings and feuds of criminal clans through actors who surrender to their characters with a brutal velocity.

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